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Design and Engineering


Today’s building owners, architects and occupants are looking for energy conservation, environmental awareness and aesthetics. AWD’s products helps to provide all of these through its continued dedication to design and innovation. AWD realizes that no building is the same and that each project requires customization, careful planning, quality manufacturing and well coordinated installation. AWD brings together a team of professionals and a network of resources to manage and guide our clients through this process. AWD works closely with the design and construction team during the design and construction stages to ensure that the building envelope performance expectations are met.


During the design stage, AWD can work with the architect and building owner to develop the required building envelope details. During the design stage we review the design documents prepared by the architect to identify potentially problematic details with a focus on conformance with applicable building codes in relation to management of air and moisture movement, thermal performance, ease of construction, scheduling, suitability of materials, design criteria, supporting calculations, maintenance, and economy. We provide value engineering and shop drawings to help you select the best framing system for meeting the specified performance criteria and at the lowest possible cost. Our review will focus on building envelope components such as curtain walls, window walls, doors, skylights, aluminum panel systems and balcony railings.


During the construction stage, AWD will can review building envelope components related shop drawings and material data sheets for good building practice and general conformance with the project specifications and design details. Provide field verification prior to fabrication, field installation, field support and coordination logistics, field and lab testing coordination and quality control via site supervision, maintenance and service.

Design and Engineering
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