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AWD's products, are those that integrate smoothly with building surfaces. AWD's products, properly installed, simply look better to most observers, a major concern for buildings and systems that will be present for several decades. Along with many less tangible benefits, the beauty of a building contributes to its value.


AWD architectural products offers comprehensive high quality all-inclusive Building Envelope Solutions for new construction and renovations projects in commercial and residential developments.


We specialize in the integration process of architectural metal and glass products such as curtain wall, windows, doors, rainscreens, ornamental metal and aluminium architectural railings.


We work collaboratively with architects, consultants, construction managers and fabricators to provide the most efficient and responsive solutions for any given project. From design, system selection, value engineering, cost control, fabrication to coordinated installation, we oversee all aspects of planning, sourcing and installing high quality exterior wall systems.


Window Wall

The 4800 series window wall system offered by AWD is engineered to create a curtain wall effect. The window wall system allows for numerous connecting window modules that are vertically stacked and horizontally joined with structural aluminum coupling mullions.


The 4500 Series window system offers a vareity of combination of punch opening and slider windows that are ideal for the retrofit industry. By providing a face sealed system that is water and air tight, the system can be used in various applications.


The series 1200 Terrace Door combines high performance design with european style that is ideal for condominiums, lofts, hotesl and apartments. This door has slim, clean extrusion lines, which allow for maximum glass area.

Curtain Wall

The versatility of the 5400 and 5500 series curtain wall system offered by AWD is engineered and designed to be used in almost any curtain wall application. This product can fulfill a wide range of applications with both capped and silicone glazed options


AWD designs, manufactures and installs welded aluminum railings. Our products are designs for both new construction and restoration projects. AWD's system can accomodate various infill options such as glass, pickets or metal panels along with different slab covers and decorative metal patterns.

Aluminum Panel Systems

AWD's innovative aluminum panel system is the first of its kind in the industry manufactured locally for supply to construction projects throughout Ontario and around the world. AWD's aluminum panel system offers the ultimate combination of aeshetics and functionality, making it an ideal cladding solution. Our system can be used for new and retrofit construction as well as recladding projects.

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