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AWD designs, engineers, manufactures and installs our own welded aluminum railings, slab edge covers and divider/privacy screens. Our products are designed for both new construction and restoration projects. AWD's system can accomodate various infill options such as glass, pickets or metal panels along with different slab covers and decorative metal patterns.

Glass Railing

AWD's glass railing system uses 6 mm (1/4") transparent tempered, heat soaked tempered or laminated safety glass, which is available in clear and tinted colours.

Aluminum Panel Railing

AWD's panel railings provide the maximum amount of privacy while enhancing the building's exterior. It can be painted to match other features in the building such as the panels found in the window wall or curtain wall. Furthermore, AWD's panel railing can be combined with tempered or laminated safety glass creating the ultimate railing system.

Slab Edge Covers

Slab edge covers are used to hide the balcony slab edge and to create a design feature on the facade of the building. The slab edge covers can either match the railing colour or be coordinated to match the window wall and metal panels that are used on the building. They can either be attached to the railing system or mounted to the balcony slab edge.

Divider and Privacy Screens

AWD's terrace dividers and balcony privacy screens offer a varey of options to limit views and create privacy. Product options include solid metal panels as well as obsucre glass.

Key Features


  • Various infill patterns such as glass, pickets or metal panels

  • Decorative metal patterns

Optional Features


  • Divider and privacy screens

  • Slab edge covers

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