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Key Features


  • Aluminum construction provides structural integrity

  • Thermally broken frame

  • 4-5/8" frame depth

  • Male/Female connection

  • Fixed, casement, awning and tilt & turn window system

  • Two colour option (interior/exterior finishes)

Optional Features


  • 7" frame depth

  • Structural 3 piece mullion (H-Bar)

  • Projected aluminum cladding

  • Spandrel Glass complete with insulated backpan

Window Wall


The 4800 series window wall system offered by AWD is engineered to create a curtain wall effect. The window wall system allows for numerous connecting window modules that are vertically stacked and horizontally joined with structural aluminum coupling mullions.


This system is truly the first to perefect the rain screen principle, which offers superior protection against water leakage, in the event of an exterior seal failure, water is prevented from entering the building by the primary seal that is both air and water tight. Water is drained back to the exterior of the building through a carefully engineered water management system.


Window Walls are shipped pre-glazed, allowing for clean and quick installation. Labour and other costs are reduced when choosing a window wall. The building envelope is sealed sooner, allowing interior finishes to commence immediately. These advantages help coordinate projects that are efficient and cost effective. Glass replacement on our window wall system is done from the inside, which means that any future glass replacement is inexpensive and straight forward. Once installed, a window wall system looks similar to curtain wall.



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